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For the investigation, adult male mice were individually housed in cages in a soundproof room at 25°C. Each mouse was provided with adequate food, water, bedding material, and a running wheel. The mice were exposed to daily periods of 12 hours of light (L) and 12 hours of dark (D) (L12:D12) for 14 days, and their
Cellular respiration includes the metabolic pathways of glycolysis, the Krebs cycle, and the electron transport chain, as represented in the figures. In cellular respiration, carbohydrates and other metabolites are oxidized, and the resulting energy-transfer reactions support the synthesis of ATP. (a) Using the information above
AP BIOLOGY EXAM ESSAY (FREE RESPONSE) QUESTIONS. General directions: ... (if two examples are asked for, and you write about 4, make sure the first two are the best ones; they are the only ones counted!) ... Describe the roles of membranes in the synthesis of ATP in either cellular respiration or photosynthesis.
AP BIOLOGY. ESSAY QUESTIONS. 1. Discuss the lock-and-key theory of enzyme-substrate interaction giving a specific example to illustrate the theory. Include in your ... Describe the following mechanisms of response to foreign material in the ..... Photosynthesis and cellular respiration recycle oxygen in ecosystems.
Cellular Respiration Essay Questions ... Cellular respiration. 1. Why do all organisms need ATP? All organisms need ATP to provide the potential chemical energy that powers the chemical reactions that occur in their cells. 2. .... and energy is used to move pyruvate and A.P across the mitochondrial membrane which would
AP Bio Possible Essay Questions Cellular Respiration & Photosynthesis There are several review sheets for you to use that can be found on Weebly. www.loydbiology.weebly.com The following essay questions are examples of the kinds of questions that you can expect to have to answer for your unit test essay as well
Example Question #1 : Cellular Respiration. Which of the following reflects a function of fermentation? Possible Answers: It leads to the production of lactic acid in yeast cells. It produes two molecules of ATP. It oxidizes NADH to NAD+. It leads to the production of ethanol in muscle cells. Correct answer: It oxidizes NADH to
Biology: Chapter 9 Short Answer/Essay. The electron carriers of cellular respi… C6H12O6 + 6 O2 ------> 6 CO2 + 6H2O + A… Glycolysis: Cytoplasm... Krebs Cycle: Mito… ATP already used in muscles, ATP made b… Identify the electron carriers of cellular respiration. Discus… What is the equation of cellular respiration?
AP Biology Exam Connections. The principles of cellular respiration are tested every year on the multiple choice and consistently make up portions the free response section of the exam. The concepts of energy flow/conversion via electrons and the process of chemiosmosis seem to be most heavily emphasized. As with
Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration Essay #5. Describe how membrane structure is related to the transport of materials across the membrane. The membrane structure plays an important role in the transportation of materials across the membrane. The cell membrane is made up of phospholipids that have hydrophobic

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